How effective is your marketing leaflet?


How effective is your marketing leaflet

Rate your brochure for effectiveness in winning business

How effective is your marketing leaflet? A simple but important question. The difficulty is giving an objective answer. After all you are close to the subject matter; you may have written the copy or been responsible for the design. The key point is how does your presentation and message come across to others – and your target audience in particular?

Overly descriptive or lengthy prose is not the most appropriate way to convey a snappy sales message. Are the illustrative photographs quick snaps taken on a mobile phone or a more considered, well composed arrangement with adequate lighting? Does the leaflet look professional and is the content appropriate for the audience you are trying to reach.

It is always best to consider these – and many other points – at the outset. By following a few ground rules you should be able to produce a more meaningful, and effective leaflet. Or you may want to evaluate what you have already?

In either case, a leaflet health check, from the International Association of Brochure Distributors, should provide some valuable pointers. Score your marketing leaflet here using tried and tested tips.