The Dancing Queen

Sheila McFie, Collation Supervisor

As you can imagine, collating 17 editions of the bedroom folders is a highly complex operation with many, many bits of paper (over 6 million!), moving parts and people involved.

From the Collating machine, to the punch and then onwards to the binders there are countless bits of machinery to keep your eyes on.

Today we would like to introduce you to Sheila McFie, our Collation Supervisor, aka Mother, who makes sure this process runs smoothly at all times.  Sheila joined us in 2013 and last year was assigned as Collation Supervisor.

Originally from Helmsley in Yorkshire, Sheila came to the Aviemore area after a summer season as restaurant supervisor at Butlins in Ayr, where she could feed up to 15,000 guests a DAY! A lot more than she looks after at Collation HQ in Carrbridge.  Sheila only came to Aviemore to work through one winter season and has never left. “Aviemore is like a home from home” says Sheila, “very much like the Yorkshire Dales”.  When she arrived in Aviemore the local taxi service was run from a shed next to the train station and you could buy 12 rolls (bakers dozen) from the local bakery for 15 pence!

Asked why she loves her job Sheila says she loves the regimental work pattern, the smell of the paper and also the beatof the machines.  You can often find her dancing next to the Punch Machine – our very own Dancing Queen. 

All our thanks to Sheila for all her hard work (and also the boiled sweeties and biscuits she brings in for everyone) she really is one of a kind.