Sustainability Policy

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Landmark Press complies with all relevant environmental legislation and best practice.  We see this requirement as a minimum and we do much more to ensure sustainability.

We have designated staff who regularly review our approach to every aspect of our business with a view to minimising the environmental impact and increasing sustainability. This includes our approach to: energy consumption, procurement, usage and disposal of all materials, transportation and logistics planning. It also includes our approach to recruitment and community.

A summary of our environmental practices are listed below:

  • Compliance with environmental legislation / best practice guidelines
  • Designated staff with responsibility for environmental initiatives
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials wherever possible
  • Procurement and use of recycling/recycled materials / materials from sustainable resources
  • Recycling collections undertaken on behalf of Landmark Press: distribution and office waste; employee recyclable domestic products
  • Landmark Press holds a SEPA license which allows us to pick and carry controlled waste (i.e. we pick up products for recycling from other local businesses).
  • Green Fleet Initiative
  • Ongoing investigation of bio fuels and renewable energy
  • Energy Saving Trust Initiatives:
    • Fuel Efficient Driver training undertaken by sales and distribution staff (we were one of the first private sector companies to do this)
    • property evaluation and action plan undertaken and acted upon
  • One of only 10 businesses selected to take part in Carbon Trust Carbon Management Programme business pilot in the Highlands and one of the first in Scotland to complete the Programme
  • Zero Waste Scotland: SME training and certification undertaken
  • VIBES Award 2012 category finalist
  • Use of public transport rather than car where possible to attend meetings
  • Use of couriers rather than dedicated Landmark Press delivery van wherever possible
  • Distribution vehicles undertake multi-purpose journeys wherever possible
  • Regular servicing and replacement of vehicles for optimum efficiency and minimisation of emissions
  • Insulation of warehouse facilities ensures ambient temperature for storage of stock without the need to use energy in heating these huge spaces
  • Skylights in warehouses and lots of windows in offices facilitate maximum use of daylight without need for artificial lighting during most of the year.
  • Water heaters and radiators thermostatically controlled to minimise wastage
  • Recent extension at Landmark Press included increased insulation and windows to minimise heating and lighting requirements
  • Buildings are heated by environmentally renewable Hydro electricity.
  • Network printer/bizhub –much more energy efficient than multiple printers.  Colour and single sided printing is by exception
  • Invoicing, statements, Christmas Cards and the majority of our sales and marketing information is sent electronically rather than mailed to reduce the environmental impact
  • Phone conferences are used for communication with third parties in preference to travelling to meetings wherever possible and practical
  • Public transport is not an option for Landmark Press staff in Carrbridge, however we have a policy of only advertising most jobs locally so that the travel to work journey is minimised and there is opportunity for car sharing

Our approach to specific service delivery is listed below:

Publication production

(Bedroom and Schools Folders, Scotland and Edinburgh Guides and Where to Stay in Scotland Guide)

  • All Landmark Press publications are printed on paper from sustainable sources, this is currently more environmentally friendly than using recycled paper
  • Landmark Press folders are used by many different people during their 12 month life
  • Accommodation outlets and schools recycle their folders at the end of the year
  • We reuse the cardboard boxes in which we pack our folders
  • Landmark Press Guides contain a message encouraging visitors to recycle their copy after use, or to pass it on to someone else rather than throw it away.

Leaflet and poster distribution and display service

The distribution service we offer to Scottish tourism businesses means that a single van is used to transport many leaflets, rather than the alternative of an individual business distributing their leaflet singly.

  • We run a fleet of modern well maintained, regularly serviced vehicles
  • We recycle the cardboard boxes which contained our customers’ leaflets and all out of date and surplus leaflet stock in an environmentally responsible manner

A summary of our approach to delivering community benefits and recruitment:

Visitor Centres Ltd is a major local employer in Badenoch and Strathspey (Landmark Forest Adventure Park (HQ); and Landmark Press).  The company also employs significant numbers of management and support staff in Edinburgh and Inveraray.

In all cases we actively sustain local communities by our local recruitment policies and commitment to staff training and development.

We have had placements from The Shirley Project and Momentum Scotland (who help place people with special needs in employment situations).

We have had a great many excellent senior citizens as employees, and currently employ staff in their seventies. At the other end of the scale we have a pool of very young employees (from the age of 13). Their employment is monitored by the Council and schools. We provide these local youngsters with good employment experience in very real roles.

The following is a list of some examples of our contribution to the wider society – and to up-cycling:

  • Company directors participate on a voluntary basis on local and national level boards
  • Nominal price entry to Landmark Forest Adventure Park for all local children (with the money raised then contributed to the local primary school.) This policy has been in place over many years
  • Company sponsorship of staff who participate in charity events
  • Company proactive in establishing community events e.g. Carve Carrbridge which now raises significant funds for community good causes
  • Christmas cards emailed to customers and suppliers – with a charitable donation equivalent to more than the cost that postage would have otherwise been
  • Members of the community recycle Landmark Press pallets for free: innovative uses include a Yurt and a hen coop
  • A fibreglass pipe which was formerly an attraction at Landmark Park is now a feature in the fun park the Lecht Snowsports’ Centre
  • A retired distribution van has been given a new lease of life as a comfortable motorhome
  • When our elderly neighbour lost the power supply to his wooden caravan home, Landmark Press stepped in to reconnect him so he could remain in his home of 50 years

Leadership for staff on environmental and social responsibility is provided by the above examples of company practice. Training takes the form of environmentally friendly policies on purchasing, travel, recycling, etc. and the encouragement of best practice behaviour among staff to ensure lights and other appliances are not left on unnecessarily.