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Schools Welcome Folder

The most widely read
The easiest way to reach the Scottish School groups market.  Our Schools Folder is the essential school visits planner.  That’s why it’s in every school in Scotland.  It is the easiest way to reach the Schools and Youth group markets.

In your own words
With your own leaflet inserted, you have more scope to promote your attraction without the space constraints of a standard advertisement.

Value for money
Leaflets inserted in folders work hard.  Many different teachers read the same leaflet over the 12 month life of a Schools Visits Folder.

Youth Group Trips Website is an online resource for group trip organisers. We provide group organisers with a monthly update of news from advertisers attractions.

Which Schools get copies of the folder?

When do schools receive the bedroom folder?

What size should my leaflet be?

Should I supply my leaflet to you pre punched?

Is it twice as expensive to print both sides of an A4 leaflet compared to printing only the front?

Will a printer guarantee to print the exact number of leaflets that I require?

Is it OK to give you copies of my ‘racking’ leaflet for insertion in the bedroom or schools folders?

Can I give you different leaflets for insertion into the bedroom and schools folders?

When do I have to book my folder entry for the year?

When can I send you my leaflets?

When will I be invoiced?

If I don’t have a leaflet designer or printer can you help me to find one?

How ‘green’ are your folders?