Welcome Folders & Guides

  • Welcome To Scotland Van

Landmark Press Folders and Guides are the most widely used visitor information packs in Scotland.


Our Bedroom Folders, with 17 local editions, are to be found in 90% of all holiday accommodation in Scotland. With an estimated total readership of 15 million over 12 months, these folders are prime advertising channels.

Specifically aimed at the lucrative visitor market in Scotland’s capital, our Welcome to Edinburgh Guide is published in 7 languages. With a print run of 1.5 million copies, the Guide can be picked up in all the places, in and around Edinburgh, where you find visitors.

Our Welcome to Scotland Guide is the optimum way to reach Scotland’s 3 million touring visitors.  With 800,000 copies in 7 languages, and displayed in strategic outlets across the country, no other Scottish visitor guide can compare.

We print 100,000 copies of the Foodie’s Guide to the Highlands each year and have guaranteed display for 12 months of the year in all Visit Scotland iCentres north of Perth. There are regular top ups in over 430 Highland display stands as well as high footfall sites in Glasgow and Edinburgh!

The Welcome to Glasgow Guide (500,000 copies in 7 languages, including Chinese) is essential for targeting Glasgow’s diverse visitors. Copies of the Guide will be available for visitors throughout the City and surrounding areas. Their display in iCentres is guaranteed.