‘Welcome to Edinburgh’ Guide

Acknowledged as Edinburgh’s most popular FREE guide

This is a ‘must have’ brochure for all visitors to Scotland’s capital. Translated into seven languages, the publication is an invaluable guide to a city which attracts a truly international audience. With 1.5 million copies on display, in and around Edinburgh, the reach of the Edinburgh Guide is exceptional indeed.

So what does this mean for your business? The numbers tell their own story. An advert, fully translated and appearing in each of the seven editions, costs as little as 0.07p per hundred copies. Now that’s true value. To view the current guide please click here

Integrated, targeted communications

Driving Recovery - Marketing Opportunities Brochure 2021-22

This popular visitor attraction in Edinburgh became a client in 2005 and has continued to work with us every year since. Landmark Press is delighted to provide a number of marketing channels for The Real Mary King’s Close (TRMKC) which recognises the importance of an integrated approach when targeting diverse audiences. It all began with advertising in three of our publications – Edinburgh Bedroom Folder, School’s Folder and the Welcome to Edinburgh Guide. This was very much a ‘test’; the client wanted to trial the publications and they then assess outcomes at the end of the year. After evaluating their effectiveness, TRMKC confirmed they would be signing up for the following year. Since then, the volume of their business with Landmark has increased year on year with a substantial increase in 2015, as more publication products were added. Today, TRMKC advertises in all of our publications from our Bedroom Folders to Composites and the Welcome Guides. That equates to 28,000 Edinburgh Bedroom Folders (readership 3.2m); 1.5m Welcome to Edinburgh Guides (readership 3m); 800,000 Welcome to Scotland Guides (readership 1.6m) and 4,500 Schools’ Folders. That’s an impressive 7.8 million visitors reached per annum. A recent addition has been the welcometoscotland.com website. With 2.2 million unique hits per annum, the addition of this digital platform has the potential to increase TRMKC’s reach even further. Oh, and they use Landmark to handle their leaflet distribution too. What the client says … “Landmark understands us and they know our market. In 2014 we asked Landmark to distribute a small volume of leaflets. We wanted to see just what level of service the company could provide; we were not disappointed. In 2015 we were happy to award them the majority of our distribution work which helped us forge an even greater working relationship with the team at Landmark. They work hard to make sure that we are happy throughout the year and, as a result, we have asked Landmark to do the distribution for 2016 as well. That’s over 208,000 leaflets to be delivered to various locations. We have built up a great relationship with Landmark and look forward to developing this further in the forthcoming years”.

Dynamic Earth
Dynamic Earth
Eilidh Massie
Dynamic Earth has had the pleasure of working with Landmark Press for quite a few years now as we advertise in their publications and they have also previously distributed our site leaflets. The Welcome to Edinburgh Guide offers a great ROI as it has a distribution rate of over 1.5 million. An area where we are always keen to promote is into the school’s market and that is why we advertise in their school’s folder which goes out to every school. I would happily recommend the services of Landmark Press to any business in the tourism sector.

Lothian Buses
Lothian Buses
Helen Adams
Letting visitors to Edinburgh know about our tour buses is key to our marketing, hence our advertising with Landmark Press. We invest in the Welcome to Edinburgh Guide which enjoys a readership of around 3 million each year. Part of the guide’s appeal is it being translated into various different languages, which is important to us given our visitor demographic. The guide consistently attracts a good range of quality advertisers so it’s great to be part of it.

Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura
Andrew Johnson
Brilliant! That’s all I can say about Landmark press. Our ROI is outstanding and their level of service is second to none!

Mr Woods Fossils
Mr Woods Fossils
Matt Dale
The Welcome to Edinburgh Guide is the only advert I take every year. It’s the brochure I see most customers holding and the variety of languages produced gives it a huge advantage.

The Guides target the independent visitor to Edinburgh. That means everyone who uses private or public transport, either for a fortnight's holiday, a short break or a day trip. This accounts for just about everyone... including Scots themselves. Because our guides are uniquely available in 5 European languages, in addition to English, they also have particular appeal to French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese and Italian speaking visitors.

Because the Scotland and Edinburgh Guides are aimed at virtually everyone we print and distribute a combined total of 2.3 million copies in 7 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese and Italian).

Very easy! The Edinburgh Guide is prominently displayed throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding area. The Guides are on display everywhere that visitors go... Including Visitor Information Centres, visitor attractions, visitor accommodation, transport terminals, car hire companies, service stations, selected shops and shopping malls, and park and ride facilities.

To help you or your designer meet our technical specification for finished artwork we have produced an Information for Designers pdf.

Yes. We are happy to design your advertisement free of charge.

We use paper from sustainably managed forests as this is more environmentally responsible than using recycled paper. Our Guides carry a message encouraging visitors to recycle - ideally by passing it on to someone else, or disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way.

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