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The most widely read

Landmark Press Bedroom Folders are the most widely used regional guides in Scotland.  On display in 90% of bedrooms of all holiday accommodation across the country, you can be assured that visitors will have information at their fingertips for the duration of their stay. Shouldn’t your business have a presence in our Bedroom Folders?

Reach thousands of customers

Reach your audience confidently; the folders have a total readership of 15 million over 12 months. That means thousands of people seeing the promotion of your attraction when they are most receptive. And, with 17 local editions, you can be certain that the information is targeted to your audience.  To see how your advertising can now work twice as hard click here to view the digital folders.

Looking for even more impact?

Complement your Bedroom Folder entry with leaflet distribution and display in the same localities. Independent research shows that the more often a visitor sees your promotional information, the more likely they are to visit. If you would like to see specific information for your Bedroom Folder area, please contact sales@landmark-press.com.

Are you an Accommodation Provider?

If you are an accommodation provider we can provide you with Bedroom Folders, free of charge. Contact us on 01479 841900 or email hazel@landmark-press.com for more information.

A fully comprehensive service

Landmark Press Leaflet Advice

John O’Groat Ferries is a long standing client. Our business relationship started in 1995 and has gone from strength to strength. The company began by taking a listing and double sided A4 leaflets for the Bedroom Folders and 1/16th page advertisement in the Welcome to Scotland Guide. The contract has evolved and now includes leaflet distribution for their main leaflet, an Orkney bus leaflet and posters.

What is greatly appreciated by John O’Groat Ferries, and indeed all clients who distribute publicity materials through Landmark Press, is that we stock manage for them. What does this mean? Well, take John O’Groats Ferries as an example: We take delivery of 141,532 leaflets and 27 posters. The material is counted, stored in dedicated locations and the details entered into our stock management system. Any volume mismatch would be reported back to the client; similarly, we advise clients when stock levels are running low.

What the client says …
“Over the years we have used a range of services provided by Landmark Press and have never been disappointed. Why? Because they are totally focused on the visitor market – and that’s the market we want to hit. At the same time, they put us, the customer, first. I like that because that’s what we do in our own business.

Importantly they help us to target our resources in an effective way. We started off some 20 years ago with standard entries in the Bedroom Folders and a small ad in the Welcome to Scotland Guide. On the evidence of business achieved through those channels, we increased our marketing activity to include posters and leaflet distribution. It’s so helpful to have our stock effectively managed for us. Our printed items are stored in a temperature controlled warehouse and any surplus stock is collected for redeployment or recycling – which I’m pleased to say is done by the most cost effective and environmentally friendly means.”
Fred Fermor – John O’Groats Ferries

Garth Duncan
Garth Duncan
Duncan House
As I've said in the past; The Landmark Press Bedroom folders are by far our most productive, bringing customers from across the country. Because we are in such a remote location we would really struggle without the help of Landmark Press. Over the past 15 years we have monitored our advertising, Landmark Press is by far the best-spent money. We have met several people starting up companies and B&B’s; my first advice is to advertise with you first as it is proven to be the best. I am going on singing your praises because there are so many advertisers that one could go bankrupt if you advertised with all of them.

Kirsteen Bell
Kirsteen Bell
Crannog Concept
The Bedroom Folders are a trusted resource for visitors to the area. We’ve used them them as an important promotional tool for a number of years. The Landmark Press team is professional, friendly and helpful – great to work with.

Garry Marsden
Garry Marsden
Balmoral Castle
The service provided by Landmark Press is a vital part of our marketing the Castle & Museum to potential visitors, and in recent years has helped attract 15 to 20% of our visitors. It’s a fantastic way of converting visitors to the area to visitors to our local attraction.

Beth Tyler
Beth Tyler
Cairngorm Brewery
I have made use of Landmark’s ‘Welcome to’ bedroom folders for many businesses I have been associated with. They are an excellent resource for visitors to the Highlands and should a key part of the marketing toolkit for any leisure or tourism business looking to get their message out successfully and cost effectively.

Wilma Sim
Wilma Sim
Blair Drummond Safari Park
Such a pleasure to work with! They take the stress out of advertising! We promote our business in all of their publications such as the School’s Folder, which we know gets our details out to a huge number of school’s throughout the country. I have no hesitation in recommending Landmark Press to the tourism sector.

Idy Davidson
Idy Davidson
Edinburgh Woollen Mill
We promote our business using Landmark’s publications like the Welcome to Edinburgh Guide which gives us a great reach to our target market as it is displayed everywhere you would find a tourist! We especially love the Bedroom Folders which are displayed in over 97% of all accommodation throughout the country and that means we reach almost every visitor which is great and means our ROI works for us! I would have no hesitation in recommending Landmark Press to all businesses in the tourist sector.

Edward S. Robertson
Edward S. Robertson
Green Welly Stop
We use the Bedroom Folders from Landmark Press to promote our business throughout the country, as we believe that it gets results. As with any business we like to think our marketing is money well spent, and with the folders we believe it is. Whenever I see these folders in bedrooms that I stay in; they have been in great condition, so they clearly last for the full year of advertising.

Jane Malloch
Jane Malloch
Mellerstain House
The Landmark Press Bedroom Folders work, and that is why we have been advertising in them for over 5 years. The company’s customer service is second to none and they always go that extra mile for you which is very much appreciated. I would have no hesitation in recommending Landmark Press to any business wishing to promote their business in Scotland.

Fred Fermor
Fred Fermor
John O’ Groat Ferries
Over the years we have used the full gamut of services provided by Landmark Press and have never been disappointed. What’s good is that they are totally focused on the visitor market – and that’s the market we want to hit. They certainly help us to target our resources in an effective way. At the same time they put us, the customer, first. I like that because that’s what we do in our own business.

Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson
Camera Obscura
Brilliant! That’s all I can say about Landmark press. Our ROI is outstanding and their level of service is second to none!

Our advice is to think about how far visitors travel to visit your attraction and where they may have travelled from to visit you, and then ensure you have a presence in the folders in those areas. Contact us for advice and also consider undertaking a visitor survey to ask a sample of your visitors where they travelled from.

No! Bedroom folders are displayed in all types of serviced and self catering accommodation. Including the most sophisticated city centre hotel, the most couthy B&B, the cosiest country cottage and the most independent hostel. That adds up to more than 100,000 rooms or 90% of the accommodation stock, over 17 editions, throughout the country!

We make sure that the folders are in bedrooms in time for the Easter holiday period.

Your leaflet must be A4 finished size (either a single portrait A4 page or A3 folded to A4 portrait). Make sure you leave a margin of 15mm free of any vital information, on both sides, along the edge that will be punched during folder production.

No! We punch all leaflets during folder production.

No. It is only about 15% more expensive to print both sides and the impact is at least 100% greater! If a single side is sufficient space to promote your attraction team up with a neighbouring attraction and produce a joint leaflet. Alternatively produce separate leaflets and save around 12% each by arranging with your printer to have them printed at the same time.

Unfortunately not. Most printers reserve the right to supply up to 10% fewer leaflets than you have asked for. That can mean your leaflet not appearing in some copies of a folder. The way around this is to make it explicit in the contract with your printer that you will not accept fewer leaflets. Also tell them that you will accept any 'overs'!

Yes provided they are A4 finished size (see above) and are provided flat. If you are using your racking leaflet for folder insertion we would strongly recommend you to ask your designer to adapt the design:

  • to work in a portrait format.
  • simplify or reduce the amount of information. Make sure you retain directions to your attraction, prices and opening hours.
  • consider using more or larger images.
  • Change the sequence of paragraphs to work logically in the new design. This should not be expensive and will definitely enhance your impact in the folder.

'Less' is definitely 'more' in the context of a folder. To help you get the most impact from your leaflet we have produced a Good Leaflet Design Information Sheet. Due to production constraints we regret that we cannot accept previously folded leaflets or leaflets that require to be unfolded to an A4 size.

Yes. But please ensure that the boxes are clearly marked. To help your printer meet our specifications for leaflets we have produced an Advice for Printers Information Sheet.

All bookings must be made by the beginning of September to appear in the coming year's edition, which is on display for 12 months from the first week in April.

Leaflets must be with us by mid November to guarantee insertion into the correct folder edition. However we will accept leaflets as early as you are able to supply them. Ask your printer to send them to us direct.

Invoices will be issued on 31 December with 30 day payment terms.

Yes, we have a lot of contacts and are happy to advise you on designers and printers. Call 01479 841 900 or email us for more information.

We use paper from sustainably managed forests for folder covers and editorial pages as this is more environmentally responsible than using recycled paper. We encourage accommodation outlets to dispose of old folders in an environmentally responsible manner. Every leaflet you supply will be used by thousands of visitors over 12 months, making Landmark Press folders an exceptionally environmentally friendly way of promoting your attraction!

To help you get the most impact from your leaflet we have produced a Good Leaflet Design Information Sheet, in conjunction with print management company Tartan Ink. To help you brief your printer about packing and delivering your folder leaflets to Landmark Press we have produced an Advice for Printers Information Sheet.

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