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Leaflet marketing is powerful; indeed it is the number one source of information for visitors. Consider the number of people who visit a top attraction or outlets in your area annually and the potential benefits of displaying your promotional leaflets in a prominent, easily located position onsite to increase exposure and pick up rate.

There is a tremendous uptake of Landmark Press’s distribution and display service across Scotland and, importantly, at many of the busiest outlets in Edinburgh and the Highlands. With the Landmark Press service, the customer has flexibility; you decide how close to home or how far afield you want to display your marketing materials. We can cover local, regional or national distribution across Scotland and the UK; simply direct us and we’ll do the rest.

Don’t forget about your local market

Sometimes it is all too easy to focus on visitors and forget that the local people are essential to every visitor attraction.  That’s why, as well as reaching visitors, Landmark Press uses a selection of outlets that specifically target local customers.

You are in control

Costing around £32 per 1000 leaflets, or just over £1 per outlet serviced, leaflet marketing is an attractive business proposition. Remember, we tailor your campaign to your needs. The final decision as to where and when you want your campaign to run, and how many marketing leaflets you want to distribute, is yours; you are in control.

Why not supplement your leaflet distribution and display with a corresponding entry in our Bedroom Folders covering the same localities?  Independent research shows that the more often a visitor sees your promotional information the more likely they are to visit.

For even greater exposure or to see how we can help in producing your publicity material, click here.


John O'Groats Ferries

Driving Recovery - Marketing Opportunities Brochure 2021-22

I noticed that Landmark Press had serviced the marketing leaflets in our stand and I thought they had done a really good job – our leaflets were displayed in the centre cabinet and they looked great there.

The Royal Yacht Britannia
The Royal Yacht Britannia
We are extremely happy with the Leaflet Distribution Service provided by Landmark Press. Their dedicated team are easy to work with and they understand our business – a winning combination!

Highland Wildlife Park
Highland Wildlife Park
Daska Mackintosh
Leaving aside the fact that Landmark Press is a fellow Inverness-shire business, I fully recommend advertising with Landmark Press for any business who rely on the tourist visitor in Scotland. Not only do we 100% trust the company to make sure our leaflets are displayed in the relevant areas, we also get a great return from advertising the Park in their Welcome to Scotland Guide which has an annum readership of over 1.5 million which is amazing! I would also advise any company to promote their business in the Bedroom Folders as we do, as again the ROI is excellent and we also know that we attract new visitors every year because we appear in the folders throughout the country.

John O’ Groat Ferries
John O’ Groat Ferries
Fred Fermor
Over the years we have used the full gamut of services provided by Landmark Press and have never been disappointed. What’s good is that they are totally focused on the visitor market – and that’s the market we want to hit. They certainly help us to target our resources in an effective way. At the same time they put us, the customer, first. I like that because that’s what we do in our own business.

Grayline Tours
Grayline Tours
Katrina Scott
As a successful tour company in Scotland it is important for us to continue to increase customer numbers each year and this is where Landmark Press comes in as they are our first port of call for our leaflet and poster distribution. We have worked with Landmark for many years and have always found them easy to work with. We have seen a good increase in customer numbers over the years and I know that this increase is partly due to them. I 100% recommend Landmark Press to any business.

Glenmorangie Distillery
Glenmorangie Distillery
Annette Mckenzie
I use Landmark Press for our leaflet distribution every year and I fully recommend this service to any business who needs to attract the tourist visitor. The reach they give us is outstanding and there customer service is excellent!

Rabbie's Trail Burners
Rabbie's Trail Burners
Laura Vass
We have been working with Landmark Press in Edinburgh for a number of years now and are very happy with the service provided. The brochure stands are always well stocked and prominently placed meaning we get a great pick up! The Sales and Distribution Teams are extremely helpful and efficient making the distribution of our brochures an easier process.

Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura
Andrew Johnson
Brilliant! That’s all I can say about Landmark press. Our ROI is outstanding and their level of service is second to none!

Active Outdoor Pursuits
Active Outdoor Pursuits
Emy McLeod
Advertising in the Landmark Press Bedroom packs has increased the exposure of the business. The packs are really well put together and are distributed to a vast geographical area that is ideal of us. It is reaching many potential new clients, raising awareness of our business and bringing in clients. The leaflet distribution with Landmark Press is a great way for us to reach more clients across Scotland. The leaflet stands are regularly stocked up and are in great locations for capturing new clients! The customer service from the staff at Landmark Press is excellent, they are always there to support us in our campaigns. We recommend Landmark Press to companies looking at marketing opportunities to increase their exposure and bring in new clients.

Alvie & Dalraddy Estates
Alvie & Dalraddy Estates
Judy Davis
We have advertised with Landmark Press for many years now and we couldn’t be happier with the level of service they provide. All the staff are friendly, helpful, efficient and understand what you are looking to achieve. We would highly recommend Landmark Press to other businesses.

Dolphin Spirit
Dolphin Spirit
Yvette Hogan
I have worked with Landmark Press over the past 5 years and feel the range of products and geographical coverage really supports my business. The various Guides are great quality and offer real value for money too.

Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition
Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition
David Bremner
The Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition have worked closely with Landmark Press for many years. When their new leaflet distribution services were first offered we had no hesitation in engaging the company. I am pleased to say that we are very pleased with their service and indeed the service provided for bedroom folders and advertising within our industry. Our relationship manager Claire Conaghan has been a breath of fresh air and is a delight to work with. We look forward to many more successful years to come.

Logie Steading
Logie Steading
Panny Laing
Landmark Press have distributed our leaflets for many years, since 2009 in fact. All the staff are knowledgeable and helpful, ensuring that the excellent service they provide is tailored to what we need. We have also appeared in their publications since 2009 and find the bedroom folders are well produced and cost effective.

Skye Batiks
Skye Batiks
Gavin Major
‘Delighted to see that Landmark are reacting positively and innovatively to the changes in a post-Covid world, it reinforces the reasons we use them for our advertising and it tells me all I need to know about where to invest in the future.’

Yes absolutely! Our customers frequently tell us so! Leaflet distribution is very cost effective and really does influence visitors once they are on their trip. Here are the key findings of independent research undertaken by the International Association of Professional Brochure Distributors, of which we are a member.

We have display racks in all of the kinds of places that visitors and local residents go, including visitor attractions, visitor accommodation, transport terminals, car hire companies, service stations, selected shops, shopping malls, and community and arts venues. We also provide a proactive service for VisitScotland Visitor Information Centres.

By working in partnership with other distribution companies we can distribute your leaflet throughout Scotland and England.

Some racks are serviced several times a week. The busier an outlet is the more often we service it. Our responsibility to you is to ensure we service our outlets often enough to ensure that your leaflet is still on display and that the rack is always tidy and attractive.

No! The evidence is that visitors are actually very discerning about which leaflets they take from a display rack. We observe visitors behaviour, people understand that leaflets cost money to produce , and they respect that... and in turn respect the environment.

Yes! We have produced a Good Leaflet Design Information Sheet to help you design something eye catching and effective for a display rack.

We will advise you specifically in relation to your own distribution campaign. As a minimum we generally need your leaflets 1 week before the first booked distribution run, but in some situations it may be sooner.

  • People are discerning about which leaflets they select from a display rack keeping waste to a minimum. This compares favourably with direct mailing campaigns where the average wastage is around 94%.
  • We can carry over 100 different leaflet titles in a (transit sized) van. Very much more efficient of fuel , compared to each attraction carrying their own leaflet to outlets - as used to happen. Using Landmark Press to distribute your leaflets also crucially means that they will be professionally displayed at each outlet, and 'topped up' throughout your campaign.
  • Ask your printer to print your leaflets on paper from sustainably managed forests as this is more environmentally responsible than using recycled paper.

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