Terms & Conditions

Please note ALL deadlines must be adhered to in order to ensure inclusion in the ‘Welcome’ Publications.

Cancellation Conditions

Cancellation up to 5th September 2019 – No Charge.
Cancellation after 6th September 2019 – 100% of booked amount payable.  * Please note that your advert or entry may still appear in the booked publications.


Any changes to proofs, after being signed off by the client will be charged at £20 per additional version.

‘Welcome’ Folders

  • Leaflet Size – All leaflets must be A4 (either A4 sheet, or A3 folded to A4).
  • Images – Images should be of good sharp quality, a large size, and ideally at 300dpi.
  • Design – Advise your leaflet designer to leave 15mm clear from the inside margin (to allow for punching by Landmark Press).
  • Leaflet Paper Weight Range – 130gsm – 200gsm (note: A3 folded to A4 leaflets to be at the light end of the scale).
  • Quantities – Leaflet quantities stated by us are the minimum number required.  If your printer cannot guarantee the minimum supply more.  Excess can be returned by prior arrangement.
  • Packing – Leaflets must be packed in marked, sturdy boxes weighing 15kg maximum.
  • Delivery Deadlines– We cannot guarantee that leaflets delivered to us after the deadline date will be inserted into your chosen folders.

‘Welcome’ Guides

Bookings may be refused if the artwork is unsuitable.  Landmark Press reserves the right to edit text.

Leaflet and Poster Display

Leaflets must be delivered at least one week before the first distribution run, or as advised at time of booking.


  • Publications – Invoices will be issued early January 2020.
  • Leaflet Distribution – Invoices will be issued on commencement of distribution.
  • Terms – Payment should be received in full within 30 days of receipt of invoice. We reserve the right to charge overdue accounts at 4% interest over base rate, plus any debt recovery costs.

Delivery instructions

Note:- There is a 12′ 3″ (3.7m) high bridge on the approach road to Landmark Press.  Please ensure your delivery drivers are aware of this.  Additional delivery instructions will be provided at the time of booking.


In the unfortunate event that we are liable for damage or loss of customers leaflets, Landmark Press will refund the replacement value of the print material but does not accept liability for any consequential loss of business.

Advertisements in Landmark Press Publications are accepted subject to the following conditions:

  1. Advertisers warrant that their advertisement does not in any way contravene the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act or other current legislation affecting advertising.
  2. Advertisers are accepted at the sole discretion of Landmark Press who reserve the right to refuse or cancel any advertising copy without stating reason.
  3. Landmark Press will not be liable for any loss or damage consequential or otherwise occasioned by error, late publication or failure of the advertisement to appear.

Agency Bookings

Agencies, please note that all quotations to you are net of agency commission.

For all correspondence and delivery of leaflets:
Landmark Press, Station Road, Carrbridge,
Inverness-shire PH23 3AP
T. 01479 841 900
E. sales@landmark-press.com